The Founder's Profile
Mr. Pritam S. Grewal, MS Mechanical Engineering
President, ADPP Enterprises, Inc.

Pritam S. Grewal the owner and President of ADPP, has 44 years of total management experience out of which 29 years are in the retail oil industry including the convenience and food chain business. Mr. Grewal has spent many years developing and operating service stations and convenience stores with food marts, as well as in the gasoline and diesel distribution business. It bodes well of his knowledge in the business of managing multiple service stations simultaneously. Over the years, Mr. Grewal and ADPP's achievements in the service stations industry have been recognized by a number of major oil companies, including Amoco, Mobil, Conoco-Phillips, Tosco Corporation, BP, Valero, Gulf, and ExxonMobil.

Management Team

With the help of its founder Mr. Grewal, ADPP Enterprises has developed a highly skilled, professional team comprised of financial, retail, computer and legal professionals to oversee ADPP's operations. ADPP's daily operations are monitored by a team that includes a Certified Public Accountant, several chartered accountants and a number of professionals with advanced degrees, including MBAs. ADPP's retail operations, including its convenience stores and fast food operations are managed by individuals with backgrounds in inventory control and in the fast food industry. Several employees with advanced degrees in advanced IT degrees ensure that ADPP's technological infrastructure is sound. Finally, ADPP's legal department, not only ensures compliance with all governmental regulations, including environmental laws, this department also manages the acquisition and zoning approval processes for future sites that the company is developing. It has always been our management philosophy to hire the most paramount employees who make a sincere and dedicated effort to ensure the best of service to our clientele. Our employees are empowered to make decisions that will benefit both our organization as well as our customers. We believe that our employees are our "internal customers" and hence we are concerned about their wellbeing as well. This concern is reflected in our pay structure as well as the incentives we provide to them. This motivates our employees to perform at their highest productivity level thus ensuring smooth and efficient flow of operations.